The Value 

I don’t stop to think how valuable it is to be the good guy. I guess, it’s never been valuables. And, while I’m considering how perfect I am, I should be reminded that there are plenty of people, that do not think I’m all that good. 
Well, they would be mistaken. I am sure no one would disagree, however, the worth of my good deeds seem.. Invaluable. 

Always nice and always polite. I look back at things and make sure I played my cards right., but it’s all so disappointing when the bad guy always win. 

I’d pay to get out of my head. To be well thought of has it value and I always enjoy the aftermath, but in the present I always hate it. 
I’m always disappointed. 

I, do good by others to be good to others. There should be a feeling of success that follows that. But..usually and I do mean often, it’s just me feeling like I lost an invisible battle of good versus evil. 
I need a distraction on days like this… But I know distractions won’t do much good, for now, when my self esteem is so low. 
The Value 


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