The Winter It Didn’t Snow

Sometimes we would sleep all day. Mainly because we stayed up all night having sex. A good day for us, or just any Saturday or Sunday, would consist of waking up whenever we wanted. Sometimes we would wake up and lie in bed talking for hours, often about something one of us saw on our phones. After laying around until 3pm, we would get hungry enough to always settle on pizza. We would put clothes found of the floor on our bodies and turn to some random non-cable tv channel and eat, pass the bong and talk about whatever show we watched. 

We wouldn’t listen to anything happening on the the tv, but do the entire dialog ourselves. As if we were the sportscasters, reporting on an intense game. We would do that to every show, commercial, that we watched.

We would do that in real life. We shared so many laughs. We would share so many thoughts. We’d spend an entire day doing that. Then have sex til morning. Regardless of what we had to do the next day. That was always optional. No matter the obligation. Call in to work? Because you’ll only have 2 hours of sleep. I already did, she’d reply. Then we would sleep all day. 
I guess that’s something I treasure most. Those were our best days. It was winter. But it never snowed. Our time was similar.. It was a relationship but it never bloomed. We wait for snow. We want it. We hate it. But we miss it. 
The Winter It Didn’t Snow 


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